Rikus Balic


Level 10 Warlord


Rikus Balik began his career as a city guard, but through his military prowess and leadership skills rose in station. He served for a time as a unit commander in free company, but eventually moved to large-regional-city where he was hire as the captain of the guard for a wealthy noble.

During his time of service in the free-companies, Rikus married Sadira with whom he had two sons Agis and Amon. Rikus groomed both children to follow him into the life of military service. Agis had a strong arm and sharp wit like his father. Schooled both as a soldier and as a military officer, Agis has followed closely in Rikus’s footsteps to his fathers delight. After failing his military training Amon became a diplomat and later a wizard.

Rikus Balic

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