Amon Balic


Amon was a colicky baby and did not grow up strong like his father Rikus Balic or older brother. He was quick of wit and excellent at military tactics, but lacked the physical prowess needed for a soldiers life. To his father’s disgrace he was kicked out of training. Ashamed of his weakling son, Rikus, managed to get a position as a diplomatic envoy to an Eladrin city. (Not a popular job).

Amon, made an excellent diplomat and during these years picked up his skills in magic [Need to fill in more story here]

Recently, Amon witnessed the murder of one Eladrin noble at the hands of the other and also stumbled onto a plot kill some human nobles. Amon’s wanted to write a letter of warning to his father or employer but did not trust his mail to be safe. Instead, under the guise of being homesick he made plan to visit his mother and father, but his father’s reply to his request to visit was cold and distant. Rikus, wrote back that if Amon, had leisure time to travel he should look into the disappearance of Douvan, an old family friend.

Amon’s moral compass though is Lawful Good, but I think alignment is kind of dumb so Amon is unaligned. He believes in the value of society and working together to help those in need. Amon, seeks to grow as a wizard in part to make a name for himself and impress his family. Amon, is currently scared, murderous conspirators will come after him, however, he has no reason to believe they are even aware of him.


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