Kol Bader, Bearer of the Word of the Raven Queen

Paladin of the Raven Queen, bearing the word of death to the world.


Death? What is death? It is the natural state of all things. It is life that is the aberration. It is life that should be feared, for it can go by with our work left undone, it can be wasted away on failure and indolence, death is to be embraced.

Kol Bader, Bearer of the Word of the Raven Queen. Charismatic, cheerful executioner of those marked for death by the Raven Queen. Motivated by the need to bring the end of days. In practice he travels the world, meeting, greeting, and 50% of the time killing those he comes across – not randomly, but those marked by the Queen. There is no good or evil, he is friendly to all, except those against the Queen, or whose time has come. Astral Weapon Paragon Path.

Half-elven, so while he could have been a long-lived 253rd scion of the house of Marduke, but he was a bastard child. Born of an Elven mother, a daughter of the house of Marduke. Marduke is an ancient and fading Elven noble house ruling a small region surrounded by human fiefdoms. His father was a minor human noble who was dashing and daring, poised for success and a tournament champion. While his mother was a daughter of Marduke.

He was allowed to live in the house by was always treated with indifference. As he grew he watched how quickly he changed and evolved compared to the dusty, archaic and indifferent elves of the Marduke household. The only action was occurring in the human lands beyond. The elven world was staid and stale. At an early age he saw how this and even the elven race was an affront to both life and death, since they never really lived and took too long to die. He savored every rare opportunity to engage with humans in their cities, tournaments, or wars.

The very indifference of the house of marduke to their stale existence and their indifference to the events surrounding infuriated Kol. His inability to effect any change or even notice roused this fury to a maddening rage. He finally saw clearly that he needed to literally bring the elves of the house to their deaths to arouse any reaction and appreciation of life from them.

He thanked the Gods that he had been blessed with a half-human side. This made him different, as his life would be short, and it is the shortness of life that makes it beautiful. In this moment of enlightenment he knew that the Raven Queen is responsible for all the beauty in the world. While he is generally happy he is just a little dismissive of other elves and Eladrin. Not out of dislike, more just pity that they feel so important, but can never understand the true beauty of having death just around the corner.

A real nice guy even who cuts peoples heads off – I picture him as a nearly chaos-warrior looking paladin in black plate mail (skull helm) with a giant sword (terror +1), but who is charismatic (19!), friendly, etc. but kills to send souls to the raven queen for reasons only he knows or can discern – it is just their time and nothing they can say or do will change that. He is there to ensure that it happens.

Kol Bader, Bearer of the Word of the Raven Queen

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