Eladrin Mercenary


Thesalis is a member of House, ,a lesser house in the Eladrin hierarchy. Most of the house lives in or near Astrazalian. Thesalis was born in the city and raised most of his life there. When he reached the age of Eladrin manhood he joined the Astrazalinan Military charged with protecting the city. (Astrazalian is a Eladrin city which exists for 6 months out of the year in the Prime Material Plane and 6 months in the feywild. It’s location in the feywild is near many hostile forces which is the cause for it’s large military.)

Almost fifty years agoo Thesalis was selected to serve as military envoy to a small band of mercenaries who had been hired by the Feylords to deal with a goblin war party which had been leading raids on the area surrounding the city. (The military was too busy dealing with Formorians to be distracted by a minor nuisance like goblins) The campaign started well; The mercenaries known as the Dark Iron Company were experienced veterans and the goblins were undisciplined. However as the company pressed back the goblin hordes further from the city things started to change. The goblin horde always seemed to be one step ahead of the smaller group of mercenaries. Thesalis sent letters asking for support from the city but none came. Things came to head in an epic battle during which Thesaslis discovers that one of the ArchFey was backing the goblins. Much the of the Dark Iron Company was wiped out but the survivors retreated to Astrazalian Having failed at their mission the company was denied payment or even assisteance with their wounded by their indifferent Eladrin employers. Thesalis was disgusted by the lack of honor with which the humans were treated. Thesalis began leveling accusations that quickly earned the ire of figures far more important than him. He called out the Fey-lords he suspected of supporting the goblins and accused the Feylord who hired the Dark Iron Company, an ally of his own house, of reneging on a contract, a great insult in the Fey society. Eventually he was cast-out from Astrazalian and ostracized by many members of his own house.

Just before the next time Astrazalian jumped to the prime material plane, Thesalis snuck back into the city and joined up with the surviving mercenaries who were returning back to the prime plane. Having formed bonds of friendship with many of the humans during their time together Thesalis joined the mercenary troop. He was happy with them for many years acting as an officer and occasional moral compass to the group. However, after a few decades many of his only companions had retired or died. He formed some new bonds with the young blood but eventually after 50 years in the company he grew tired of watching his friends grow old and die.


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